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Make Old New with a Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Instead of starting all over by purchasing a different home, you can add value and functionality to your current home simply by remodeling your kitchen and/or bath. That way you can improve your current living situation without sacrificing the home and the neighborhood you love or incurring the trouble and expense of moving.

If you already have ideas for how you would like to improve one or more areas of your house, Hamish Murray Construction can work with you to transform your wishes into reality. However, if you're interested in remodeling but don't have a specific wish list, here are some suggestions.

Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling in Portland

Regardless of your style, your kitchen should be a place where everyone, including you, your guests, and your family, feels comfortable and welcome. Whether you favor a cool, sleek, modern look or a warm, vintage feeling, a welcoming kitchen offers plenty of light and feels open and airy. Here are a couple of remodeling ideas that should work in any kitchen.

1. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island serves as both a workspace for cooking and as seating and eating space for family or guests. With a couple of barstools and an attractive countertop in the material of your choice, a kitchen island will welcome your guests in the kitchen and help you feel less isolated while cooking.

2. New Countertops

Instead of matching your kitchen island to existing countertops, replace all the surfaces at the same time. There are myriad options for Countertops in your traditional or modern kitchen, including Quartz, Wood, Marble and Granite and Stainless Steel.

3. More Light

Whether you favor natural sunlight or prefer lighting that is artificial, more light makes the kitchen seem bigger and more inviting and also makes the workspace more productive as you can better see what you're doing. There are many controlled lighting options available, but if you want to take advantage of natural light and are ready for a more involved remodel, installing more windows, French doors, and skylights are all potential options.

Ideas for Portland Bathroom Remodeling

The style of the rest of the house, whether modern or traditional, should be reflected in your bathroom as well. The bathroom is typically a small space; you may choose to make it feel cozy, or you may want to give the illusion of spaciousness. The techniques for accomplishing both can be utilized in a bathroom of any style.

1. Mirrors for Apparent Spaciousness

Even a small mirror can create the illusion of space. Bathroom mirrors may be large or small, ornate and traditional, or minimalist and modern.

2. Earth Tones for Coziness

Installing vanities and other bathroom fixtures in earth tones will make the bathroom seem cozy and warm. Fixtures in traditional bathrooms can be done in wood, though you might opt for another material in a modern bathroom.

3. Bold-Patterned Flooring

Depending on the pattern, bold flooring can enhance either a traditional or modern style. The color scheme can lend itself to the coziness or coolness of the room as desired.

Refresh Your Home with a Remodel

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