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Create Your Own Residential Space with a New Construction

You may hold the dream of a perfect home in your mind, one that's built specifically to suit your needs, wants, and desires. With the help of a custom home builder in Portland, Oregon, you can potentially make your dream a reality. When you buy an existing home, you need to adapt to what the builder imagined you would need and what previous owners wanted. Opting for new home construction in Portland instead, however, means that your home is built entirely around you.

Here are six reasons you should consider working with custom home builders in Portland to construct a new home rather than purchasing an existing home.

1. It Makes Financial Sense

Purchasing an existing home usually means that you need to invest a lot of money on top of the purchase price to update, upgrade, and repair existing features and appliances. When you build a new custom home, you get to choose everything that goes in it, and if an appliance should break down, it will still be under warranty.

2. It Makes Environmental Sense

Ninety-four percent of the materials used in home construction today are eco-friendly, and you can customize your home to be more energy efficient, which will save you money as well as helping to save the environment.

3. Maintenance Requirements Will Be Lower

You want to spend your time enjoying your new home, not trying to keep up with endless maintenance tasks. With a custom-built home, everything you install will be brand new and state of the art, meaning that it will need less upkeep. Furthermore, if you start with brand-new fixtures and do small-scale maintenance on them as they age, it may help them wear better and require less large-scale maintenance in the future.

4. You Can Choose Your Own Lot

While it is sometimes possible to move an existing house onto the lot where you want it, it is often not worth the trouble and expense. When you build your home custom, you get to choose the lot you want and the size you want. There are many major advantages of choosing your own lot. These can include good school districts, close proximity to friends and family, a great view, and privacy.

5. You Can Customize It to Your Own Specifications

A custom-built home is tailored to suit your specific needs and interests. If you can dream it, chances are you can include it in your new home. Imagine a gourmet kitchen, a paradise of children's playrooms, a bathroom oasis with a deep, recessed tub, or a home recording studio. Assuming you have the available budget, you can make your dream into reality with the help of a custom home builder.

6. You Can Set Your Own Quality Standards

Since you're the one who decides what appliances, fixtures, and systems go into your new home, nothing gets in without your approval. Furthermore, when you choose the right builder, you know that they will hold themselves to the same standard of quality when it comes to the construction.

Get a Fresh Start on Your Forever Home

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