Hamish Murray Construction Inc.


Whether it’s recapturing the grandeur of a traditional home or creating new, modern, comfortable spaces, we encourage our customers to work with us and an architect to produce high-quality plans before the first nail is set. Taking the time to develop plans helps us identify unknowns, resolve issues, firm up your estimate, and narrow the project timeline. It’s far easier to move lines on paper than walls on a jobsite—our clients are more confident going in that they won’t be hit with any “gotchas” because we’re executing a well-thought-out plan.


When it comes to remodeling, nobody likes surprises. We’ve worked on enough older houses over the years that we can anticipate many issues in advance, which helps us keep our budgets and timelines accurate throughout the construction process. Whether it’s creative wiring from the 1800s or foundation issues due to 1950s cinder block, we’re adept at dealing with whatever eccentricities your home offers up. We’ll make the transformation to a more functional home while retaining its charm.

Our remodeling projects include:

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New Construction

Building from the ground up generally makes for a smooth project because you’re free from the limitations of an existing structure. With Hamish Murray Construction, you’re also free from the constraints of prescribed floor plans and designs. Although we maintain partnerships with some of the best architects and designers in the region, we’re also happy to work with your plans and your favorite service providers to give you the new home you’ve been waiting for.

Our new construction projects include:

  • Single-family dwellings
  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs)