Why Building a Home Office is the Perfect Addition to Your Home

If you’re working from home some or all of the time, building a home office space is the perfect way to boost your productivity, keep you organized, and add sophistication and functionality to your home’s design. The sky’s the limit when it comes to home office additions. Transform a walk-in closet or attic space into […]

6 ADU Design Ideas to Increase Your Property Value

Are you dreaming of a luxury ADU (accessory dwelling unit) and hoping to maximize the return on your investment? A 2012 report in The Appraisal Journal examined ADUs in Portland, OR and found that the ADUs contributed, on average, 25% or 34% of each property’s appraised value (depending on the formula used). The report also […]

What Is Residential Infill Building And Is It Right For You?

Do you love the idea of moving into a great neighborhood? Have you always dreamed of building a brand new custom home that has everything you love? What if you could do both? Residential infill building (sometimes called suburban or urban infill) is an option in many beautiful neighborhoods. It can be a perfect solution […]

How to Find and Choose the Best Lot for a Custom Home

In the words of a century-old real estate cliché, “location, location, location” is a huge consideration for any prospective homeowner. But when it comes to choosing a location for a custom home, additional complex factors come into play, and unfortunately, those factors are often overlooked.

How to Build an Energy Efficient Custom Home

An energy-efficient home… Provides a higher level of comfort Is better for the environment Saves you money through reduced energy use (and potentially tax credits) Increases your home’s resale value What’s not to love? If you’re getting ready to build a custom home and you’re wondering how to make your new home more energy efficient, […]

Why Accessory Dwelling Units Are Great for Portland Neighborhoods

Are you thinking of adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property? Building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a great solution for many Portland, Oregon residents who want to live close to family members, add value to their property, or supplement their income by renting. Today, let’s look at what it means to add […]

6 Design Ideas for an Unforgettable Luxury Master Bathroom

Are you trying to settle on a design concept for your new master bathroom? Whether you’re remodeling an existing space or adding a whole new room, the look and feel of your new bathroom are important considerations that will impact how you use the space, how it flows with the rest of your home, and […]