5 Reasons to Choose a Local Home Builder in Portland, OR

Can you picture your perfect home in your mind? A great custom home builder can bring that vision to life and meet or even exceed your expectations. But with so many national, regional, and local home builders to choose from, how do you find that perfect builder who you can trust with such an important project? If you’re trying to narrow your search, you might want to know about a few great benefits to choosing a local builder – here are our top 5.

1. Local Knowledge and Experience

Local home builders almost always have extensive knowledge about building codes, regulations, zoning, and economic standards in the area. They’ll know which permits you need and how to get them from the local government. All this expertise keeps your project moving along quickly and efficiently.

Local builders also know other local people, including:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Craftsman
  • Local suppliers of materials, furnishings, appliances, and more

2. Customer Service and Communication

Smaller, locally based companies tend to have more personalized customer service and faster, easier communication. You’re less likely to get stuck in an endless phone tree and you’ll get more personal attention from people who know the details of your project.

When it comes to a big investment like a new home, it’s important that you can rely on your builder to be not only skilled and competent, but also clear, straightforward, and responsive.

3. They Care about Your Community

Local builders have a vested interest in the communities where they work. They want to help build cities and neighborhoods where their business can thrive.

They also tend to be extra respectful of the surrounding neighborhoods where they’re building too — your neighbors may very well be their past or future clients.

Local home builders are likely to live nearby too, which means they also have a personal connection to the area. If your contractor is living (and maybe even raising a family) in the same community as you, you can bet they care a lot about the area’s long-term health.

4. You Invest in Your Local Economy

More of your money stays in your community. Local home builders are much more likely to hire, invest, and spend locally, which helps your area’s economy grow by creating more local jobs and wealth. Local builders are also much less likely to leave the area after your project is done, so they’ll continue to contribute to the local economy in your city/town as their business continues to grow.

5. Flexibility and Customization Options

Every home builder offers customization options, but local builders are often able to be more flexible than national builders. For example, some national firms require you to choose from a limited number of plans, work with their architect, and follow their pre-set process. Local builders are more likely to give you floor plan options that can be customized down to every detail to fit your needs and vision.

At Hamish Murray, for example, even our process is customizable. You’re welcome to choose your own architect or work with one of our partners, and you can bring your own plans or work with our team. We’re here to help with everything, but the choices are all yours.

Are You Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

We are local custom home builders in Portland, OR. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional results by focusing on craftsmanship, flexibility, and going the extra mile for our clients. If you live in the Portland area, we’d love to help you build the amazing home you’re imagining. Contact us today!

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